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HQC offers its customers training on the topic of halal, which makes it easier to deal with the halal world. We can do this both on site and online to answer any questions interested customers may have!

As the food industry in the halal sector is steadily increasing worldwide, one is required to devote oneself to training to be in line with and comply with the regulations of halal. The training supports companies that produce or want to produce Halal-compliant products in complying with Halal practices.

The consultants carry out a thorough audit to ensure that the company complies with Halal standards in all areas, including raw materials, production facilities, processing, packaging and logistics.

Special Needs

The training courses are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each company and can be adapted to different roles such as production, quality control, marketing and sales.

The benefits of Halal training:

In summary, Halal advice and training is an important step for companies and organizations that want to ensure that they provide Halal compliant products and services.

Working with experienced consultants can help companies operate successfully in the growing halal industry and make a positive impression on Muslim consumers.

Different Areas

Our training encompasses and specializes in your industry and those topics relevant to your institution. The training, through specific course content, helps to understand and implement the right measures for halal-compliant production.

At the same time, several workers in your company are trained, who are given practical case studies and requirements during the training.

Among other things, the following is dealt with:

Halal conformity for

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