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HQC Germany is recognised worldwide and holds all international accreditations. Our certificate therefore gives you the opportunity to market your products and services all over the world.

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The market for halal food is growing steadily and is considered one of the most dynamic sub-markets in the food industry. The demand for halal food is increasing not only among Muslims, but also among non-Muslim consumers. The growing market for halal food is characterised by high potential and a variety of growth drivers.

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More than 53 Arab and Islamic countries recognise our certificate
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More than 35 years of experience
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Unsere zertifizierten Kunden

vor und nach einer Zertifizierung

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Unsere praxisorientierten Beratungsleistungen werden Ihnen dabei helfen, Sie in ihren speziellen und individuell angepassten Themen zu helfen, sodass Sie ihre Wettbewerbsfähigkeit stetig steigern können. Dadurch können Sie Ihr Ziel schnell und sicher erreichen und die Liste Ihrer Produkte bereichern können. Je nach Betrieb und Branche, können wir Sie gerne beraten.

Halal Training

We make ourselves available to train you and your staff as part of a certification process. Consultants conduct a thorough audit to ensure that the company meets halal standards in all areas, including raw materials, production facilities, processing procedures, packaging and logistics.

Certification is worth it!

Your advantages through HQC Germany

HQC is a major player in the halal certification market, providing a high quality and reliable service to businesses and consumers interested in halal products.

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More than 35 years of experience

Our worldwide accreditations


& Vielfalt

Unsere breite Palette an Zertifizierungen umfasst Bereiche wie Saucen und Dressings, Fleischwaren, Getränke, Obst & Gemüse und vieles mehr!

Mit unseren facettenreichen Zertifizierungen in einer Vielzahl von unterschiedlichen Bereichen, finden Sie bei uns die richtige Gelegenheit, Ihre beruflichen Horizonte zu erweitern.

Wir haben die richtige Zertifizierung für Sie.

What does our certification process look like?

After the application has been submitted by the contact, it is checked by our office in Osnabrück, namely whether the company fulfils the criteria of the halal guidelines. After this, in the positive case, a certification offer is sent to the customer.

If interested, the confidentiality agreement is then concluded, after which the documents, such as those on ingredients and process procedures, are examined.

Subsequently, an audit is carried out and evaluated on site. In the positive case, the halal certificate is issued; in the negative case, we endeavour to take corrective measures together and enter them so that the certificate can be guaranteed in the end.

Our standards and regulations

In order to be able to test and certify products, industries and processes, certain definitions and specifications are required. These specifications or guidelines, also called "standards", are specified by the respective accreditation body.

HQC Germany works according to the following international standards:

Certification compliance

Halal slaughter and meat processing

For the certification of slaughterhouses, we follow the guidelines of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These can be viewed at the following link:

Halal production (Materials and other)

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