Global Halal Market

The halal market is growing.

The market for halal food is growing steadily and is considered one of the most dynamic sub-markets in the food industry. The demand for halal food is increasing not only among Muslims, but also among non-Muslim consumers. The growing market for halal food is characterised by high potential and a variety of growth drivers.

One possible reason for the growth is the growing number of Muslims worldwide. Muslims make up about a quarter of the world's population and interest in Halal products is high in many countries. There is also an increasing demand for halal food in western countries such as the USA and Europe. Another factor is that many people pay attention to a healthy and sustainable diet, which also contributes to the growing importance of the Halal food market.

Production of Halal.

Another important factor is the way Halal food is produced. Halal certification ensures that manufacturers adhere to high standards of hygiene, animal welfare and working conditions, and that the products are also attractive to non-Muslim consumers.

In addition, Halal certification is of great importance for trade with Muslim countries. Countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates or Malaysia have strict rules for food trade and often require Halal certification. This has led to Western companies also increasingly entering the halal market in order to benefit from the growth and export opportunities.

Overall, the Halal food market is an important and growing area of the economy. The combination of religious regulations and strict quality requirements has led to enormous growth potential and also opens up new opportunities for non-Muslim companies and investors.

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