Who is Halal Quality Control Germany/Germany

Halal Quality Control (HQC) Germany/Germany is the only certification body for Halal products in Germany that holds all accreditations worldwide. Founded in 1983 in the Netherlands, this organization is the oldest institution of halal food in Europe. Our headquarters in Osnabrück has been officially available to our customers worldwide since 2014. We have also set up a new branch in Darmstadt for the satisfaction of our customers. HQC Deutschland (central office and branch office) is under the direction and responsibility of Dr. Ibrahim Salama.


Since 1980 we have been active in the field of halal certification within Europe. We are the only halal certifier in Germany that has the accreditation of all important international halal standards, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, etc. With our Halal Certificate you can sell your products almost anywhere in the world.



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