Our many years of experience are there for your success!

Our strength lies in our many years of experience, in our ancient history and in our ability to support our customers in developing long-term strategies, gaining access to products compatible with Islamic standards, and highest quality standards with minimal effort. It is available to you whether you contact us by mail, phone or online.

Issuance of a Halal Certificate and what does a halal certification bring?

Our Halal Certificate and therefore your Halal products with a High Halal Quality through our Halal Control are your key to trading around the world. With our certificate you can export your goods to more than 53 Islamic countries, regardless of which industry you are in, such as meat & sausages, spices, bakery & confectionery, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and other products.

Our customers include companies that already hold other certifications in addition to halal, such as Kosher, Bio, GM-free and much more. Our most important tasks are to issue certificates for our customers and to make their work easier. This means that your customers have more choice when buying their products.