By accreditation to trade for your Halal Food

Halal Quality Control (HQC) Germany is recognized in all countries worldwide. Halal certifications are necessary to export food and other products to Islamic countries and trade accordingly. Thanks to our international recognition through the numerous accreditation, you do not need more than one certificate in order to be able to export. This saves you time and money.

You can look at the most important countries and organizations that can be certified by HQC and to which you can export your halal food:


Indonesia Majelis Ulama (MUI)


Considered the main importer of halal food, in one of the largest Muslim countries with about 250 million inhabitants. HQC received its recognition back in 1996 and continues to exist without interruption.




This is also one of the most important importers of halal products. HQC has been recognised since 1993 to the present day.

 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Ministry of environment


Is the oldest country that HQC has recognised since 1983.

World Halal Food Council – Jakarta, Indonesia


In 1999 Indonesia established WHFC. It is honourable to HQC that WHFC is one of the founders of this institution and one of its members.

The Central Islamic Cancil of Thailand (CICOT)


The number of Muslims in Thailand is over 10 million people. The Thai Halal AuditIng Institution is one of the most important halal institutions. Thailand is an important manufacturing site for Indonesia and Malaysia. HQC received Thailand’s recognition in 1993.

Andere Akkreditierungen


HQC has the full recognition of all Islamic countries and great respect. This list is just one part of the full list of companies that recognize our organization HQC.